Terms of Work on New Projects

Terms of Work on New Projects • IWANDO Studio

Effective from January 1, 2016

Our work process usually follows certain rules, designed for the benefit of both our clients and us:

  1. All projects will be completed in multiple stages. At each stage, we will request your approval before moving forward, allowing you to provide feedback:

1.1 Initially, we will create a sketch or rough outline of the asset. During this step, you can review whether it aligns with your vision and provide any necessary edits, as long as they do not contradict the initial specifications.

1.2 The next step is the final form of the asset. You can review its appearance and let us know if any minor changes are needed.

1.3 Once everything is approved, we will export the files. If specific naming/structure is required, we can accommodate that as well.

  1. It is essential for us to receive all necessary information before beginning work, in order to meet deadlines and avoid unnecessary work.

  2. PAYMENT: Typically, we divide the project into agreed-upon milestones, with each milestone being paid in advance. Once it is completed, the client pays for the next milestone, and we proceed. In some cases, we may agree to work based on a 50% advance payment for the milestone, with the remaining 50% being paid upon showing and receiving your approval of the final results, but before submitting the exports (source files).

3.1 Under no circumstances will we submit the exports (source files) before they have been paid for. If your project requires tight deadlines and necessitates immediate submission of source files upon completion, please consider advance payment for the milestones.

  1. Regular progress reports will be required throughout the project, and we can provide them daily or each time an update is available, whichever you prefer. In return, we ask that you provide feedback as soon as possible, so we can stay on schedule.

  2. Although we cannot predict how the assets will be implemented into your game, we are committed to achieving the best results by requesting all necessary technical details. This may seem overwhelming, but it ultimately benefits you in the long run.

  3. We reserve the right to publish the results of our work in our portfolio. However, we understand the need to keep the game’s assets under wraps, so we will always check with you first before doing so.

Note: If you are a current client with any questions about these Terms of Work, please contact your dedicated Project Manager.

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