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2D Game Art Brief Sample • IWANDO Studio

This is the example of key information needed to make a quote for 2D game art project in our outsourcing studio. Information below is for your reference only.

General game info Unannounced Fantasy RPG Game with a story-driven adventure and epic battles. Platforms: PC and Console

Key features The player will embark on a journey to save the kingdom from an ancient evil, using various weapons and magic abilities to defeat powerful enemies. The game world is filled with mythical creatures, ancient ruins, and hidden secrets to discover. The player will also have the ability to recruit allies and form a party to aid in battles.

The overall atmosphere of the game: is epic and thrilling with a hint of mystery.

Deadline The soft launch is expected by the end of December, therefore we need at least 75% of the assets delivered before December 1.

List of the assets required:

Type of the asset Description Resolution         
Character art / Slot symbol with a character Full height 2D character model, no background 2000x3000px, 300dpi 6 Dec 1
Backgrounds Universal backgrounds portraying different locations: volcano with erupting lava, snow valley, desert, etc. 3000x2000px, 300dpi 6 Dec 1
UI Icons Items – gold coins and icons with character miniatures. 250x250px 8 Nov 20
UI icons for in-app purchases Set of icons gradually increasing in the “value” – coins, gems, treasures, cups, etc. 400x400px 6 Nov 20
Slot Symbols Art Square slot symbols focused on Ancient Greece, Egypt and Roman culture. 500x500px 16

Nov 23


Animation of the Slot Symbols We need animation only for Scatter and Wild symbols and plan to use only two types of animation – one for Scatter and one for Wild symbols. The other symbols will be static images only. 250x250px 2 Nov 29

Level of detail

Use the arts above as a reference for the overall level of detail.

Project workflow

During the production stage we need you to show us every image as a rough sketch with the overall idea and shapes in the first place. After we approve it you can proceed finalizing the image.

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