Estimation process

The Game Art Estimation Process at IWANDO Studio

At IWANDO Studio, our primary goal when working on high-quality game art is to align with the customer’s vision and style requirements. The more specific information we receive before starting a project, the better the final result will be. This guide will outline the step-by-step process for estimating game art at our studio:

  1. Tell us about your game – We want to know as much as possible about the game, including its genre and any inspiration or references. Share information about gameplay mechanics and lore. If necessary, we are happy to sign an NDA before proceeding.

  2. Specify the type, number, and deadline – Inform us of the specific type of graphical assets needed, such as character art, concept sketches, animations, or VFX. Be sure to include the overall number of assets required and the deadline for the project so we can plan accordingly.

  3. Show us visual references – The best way to convey your vision to our team of artists is to provide visual references that align with the required art. This can include screenshots from similar games, in-game art, sketches, or gameplay gifs.

  4. Add level of detail references – Use the same images as before, but be sure to highlight the ones that best convey the desired level of detail. We can create game art at any level of detail and adjust it to fit your needs and budget.

  5. Mention size and/or resolution – If the exact resolution for the game art is not yet determined, provide rough measurements.

  6. Don’t forget about nuances – Even small details can greatly impact the scope of the project. For example, will the 2D character be used to create a 3D model later in production? Should the characters have backgrounds or be cropped? Provide as much information as possible about these nuances.

We will use this information to provide a relevant estimate for the project within 1-2 business days. If you are ready to begin, reach out to us at or use the forms on our website to request an estimate. We look forward to creating top-notch game art and graphical assets for you, our valued partner.

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