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The digital landscape is prone to changes, both because of the way existing technologies, platforms, and apps are used separately or in conjunction with one another, and how emerging and disruptive technologies continue to redefine and redesign the landscape almost on a regular basis.

At Iwando, we believe that staying abreast of these changes, no matter how subtle is crucial for creatives to identify and leverage opportunities for growth, for creating new products, and establishing businesses.

Tech news plays a crucial role in keeping our community informed about how established players in the tech arena hope to lead, or are currently leading it through various initiatives, and how new and potential players continue to make subtle, yet deep-sea level changes in its course.

In the end, our team hopes to create an online archive and news bulletin for both, our community members, and people across the digital landscape committed to remain on the leading edge of change as it happens.


bing bans ads for cryptocurrency/

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Bing is the latest ad provider to ban cryptocurrency advertising, joining other Cartels such as Google and Facebook.

Bing deems cryptocurrency, and related products, risky due to the fact they are unregulated. As such, Bing is banning ads for these products in an effort to protect its users from bad actors.

After Removing The external link for the crypto exchange we has have been asked to remove the BITCOIN Tools section which has nothing at do with sales of bitcoins.


Obviously what microsoft Bing are trying to do is not only banning bitcoins and other crypto currencies on its network but also bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies.

We have contacted attorney for a possible Lawsuit against Microsoft Bing.

An Introduction to Google+ for the Beginner!

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Not everyone is familiar with Google+ and it is often shunned like the ugly sibling of social media. However, there are lots of interesting features that is open to the public and will provide you with different benefits. There are lots of people that use Google+ and a quick search will reveal to you that there are over 300 million active Google+ users. This means that there are lots of opportunities for you to reach out to a new audience and that is why we are going to teach you a few secrets and tips for using Google+ today.

The first thing that you need to learn is that Google+ is very different that other social media platforms, which means that you can’t expect to use it like Facebook or Twitter. In order to use Google+ you will have to do plenty of testing, exploring, and research. The end result will be surprising, since you will get to learn about the many benefits that Google+ has to offer. We decided to test it out and we came up with the following tips for people who are looking to use Google+ today.

You have to use titles to good effect on posts

This can seem confusing to some people, but there is a great reason behind it. Adding titles to social media posts may seem counterintuitive, but on Google+ it plays a key role in building your online presence. The content on your web page is determined by the title, and Google will use the first sentence of your post as a headline that customers will see in the search. So make sure that you the first sentence of your page is strong and will make an appealing title.

You can format posts

When you are using Google+ you can format your posts, which is incredibly useful, especially when you have to save time by organizing the text on your posts and highlighting certain parts of it. Formatting your Google+ posts will help you appear professional and will also make the page easier to navigate for your customers.

Hashtags on Google+

Hashtags can be effectively used on social media networks, and Google+ is the same. Using hashtags on certain posts will allow Google to categorize them and will also allow you to relate to the content. It will also make your brand consistent if you are using the same hashtags on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Sorting followers in Customized Circles

Not a lot of people understand Circles on Google+ but it is in fact one of the best ways to target a particular audience on Google+. Doing so will ensure you that you can always deliver the right message to your followers, while you are publishing a post and you can even send your followers direct posts in their email boxes. The power of circles is grossly underestimated by a lot of users, and if you use it correctly, it will not only create loyal customers for your brand but will also allow you to target your competition much more effectively.

If you’re not currently on Google+ today, you should definitely reconsider since there are more than 300 million active users that are there for the taking. The tips that we have provided you will allow you to build solid foundations for marketing and targeting new customers on Google+.

Taking Stock of the 5 Worst Cash-Flow Mistakes that Small-Business Owners Make

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It doesn’t really matter how great your business model is, how profitable your business is, or how many investors are supporting your business, you won’t be able to survive if you can’t manage the cash flow of your company. Research indicates that 85% of startups fail because they are unable to manage their cash flow, which is why it should set alarm bells ringing in your mind if your company is struggling to manage its cash flow.

If you’re breaking out in cold sweats right now and want to know how you can manage your company’s cash-flow, you should make sure that you can check out the most common cash-flow problems:

Overestimating future sales volumes

Successful entrepreneurs are always optimistic, which is their biggest asset. However, even though being optimistic is important for a business owner, taking stock of your cash-flow and managing it properly is absolutely critical. That is why you should make sure that you can remain completely objective and set realistic-sales forecasting that is based on real numbers and historical evidence. By using the right forecasting methods, you will be able to track trends and therefore predict future sales with greater accuracy.

Revenue forecasting is not the easiest thing to do, especially during the first few years, which is why you should work with an experienced cash-flow manager or forecaster during the initial stages.

Engaging in impulse spending during the startup phase

There is a saying in business ‘It takes money to make money’, and it is definitely true. The common entrepreneur has been known to give in to their impulses and overspend during the first few months of their business. While it does take money to make money, you should realize exactly what type of costs your business can actually handle.

If you want to ensure that your business makes money, you need to consider the costs of the overall expense that your business is incurring. Every single dollar that you spend on your business is another dollar that is making your profit margin move further away from you. So make sure that during the startup phase, you aren’t spending a whole lot of money, since it can come back to haunt you.

Being passive about past-due receivables

This is a major error that is made by businesses today, and it is a direct result of unpaid invoices from clients. If you’re not proactive to collect payments from clients, you’ll be on the wrong end of a cash flow situation. Most businesses struggle to achieve this during the initial stages and that is why they end up going out of business eventually. So make sure that you set up good and stringent policies that are going to allow you to collect payments from your customers on time.

Not using a cash-flow budget

This is another major error that a lot of startups make in their initial stages, not setting up a cash-flow budget. You need to track your company’s day-to-day cash flow, since it will allow you to know exactly how much money you are spending and how much is going in the bank. It is imperative that you use a cash-flow statement, which will allow you to track your revenue and all expenses during a specific time period. You can then also anticipate future expenditure and guess how much money the company is going to make in a financial year.

Not keeping a cushion on hand

It doesn’t matter how many different measures you use to protect your company’s cash, there will come times when you will be faced with numerous business problems. At such moments in time, it helps if you have got a cushion of savings on hang, since it can mean that you ride out the rough times without suffering severe damages. That means that you have to expect unexpected periods of instability, where you may require the help of extra cash in reserve to protect yourself.

Managing cash-flow issues are definitely not easy, and it is one of the hardest challenges that you will face as an entrepreneur. However, if your main objective is to ensure that you avoid suffering the same fate as about 85% of startups, then you have to make sure that you don’t make any cash-flow mistakes.

Lead Generation Ideas and Coming Soon Page that Will Hook Your Audience before Website Launch

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Whenever you are launching a website, the first thing that you have to do is get the audience hooked onto the website and waiting in anticipation for its launch. Many people believe that the uniqueness of the product or the idea is the main thing that will attract customers, but in reality you have to target lead generation so that you can promote or sell. However, not many know how to attract customers to a website that doesn’t exist, which is why we are going to help you learn that today.

The process itself is simple and the first thing that you would need to learn is what actually drives people towards a website and the benefits of lead generation. You can create hype about your website by a ‘Coming Soon’ page, and you can share the page on your social media platforms to generate traffic and interest for the website before its launch.

Creating Lead Generation With A Coming Soon Page

There are lots of unique ideas that are published (and practiced) on the internet every single day, and it is becoming harder to stand apart from the rest and really entice customers. The main purpose of the ‘Coming Soon’ page is to help you alert potential customers about what they can expect to come to them. You can replace a generic ‘Man at Work’ or ‘Under Construction’ sign on the page with actual content that informs the customer about what they can expect, it helps kick start an early promotion.

You can use the ‘Coming Soon’ page to not only launch a website but also use large-scale lead generation, since it will help you in the following:

  • Build email lists and attract subscribers with potential ‘early bird’ offers
  • Gather a community of beta testers for the product or app by promoting the page to early customers.
  • Create hype on social media by encouraging people to share the news or story

How To Create A Coming Soon Page That Rocks

The ‘Coming Soon’ page has to engage the audience and get their attention as well. It should be designed with a specific goal and must have certain elements that will help turn visitors into leads. Therefore, if you are looking to create a ‘Coming Soon’ page that rocks, here is what you need to do:

Make Sure It Is Attractive

You have to make sure that the page is visually appealing, since making a first impression about your website is highly important. Studies suggest that 75% of online users make judgments on credibility of a company based on their web design.

Simplicity Works Like A Charm

You don’t have to create a complicated page in order to attract attention. Sometimes simplicity works like a charm and you can use that to your advantage by not being flashy and extravagant in the page design. The ‘Coming Soon’ should be the teaser and not the main event.

Keep It Straightforward

The layout of the page should be to the point and there should be clear instructions to the customers. Do you want to invite the visitor to join the beta community, test the products or share the story? Whatever it is, make sure it is straightforward.

It Should Be Memorable

You have to ensure that the customer remembers your page and will come back to it again and again. That is why you have to use elements that will attract the target audience, and you can do that with a domain name that is catchy, simple and recognizable.

It Needs To Be Optimized

Your ‘Coming Soon’ page shouldn’t be loaded with content and you can make a greater impact by optimizing the page correctly. You can definitely make sure that your website is optimized with Google, since that will allow you to get more visitors to your website when it is launched.

Quick Note

If you don’t have the necessary skills or resources to design a custom ‘Coming Soon’ page and website runs on WordPress, you can use the popular plugins such as Anticipate or Ultimate Coming Soon Page to ensure that you make a powerful impression on your customers.

WordPress Optimization Tips: Choosing the Right URL Structure!

By | Web Development

If you have chosen WordPress as your CMS, then there are certain things that you need to learn about WordPress optimization, including how you can optimize the content management system. WordPress is probably one of the most user-friendly platforms for bloggers today because it generally offers you everything that you would ever need. However, there is one negative aspect about WordPress, which you will have to fix by yourself, and that is the poor permalinks or URL settings in the platform.

Removing default ugliness

If you are using the default WordPress URL, you will realize that it is not that SEO-friendly and there are minor issues that you will have to fix yourself. The first issue is with the ugly and unattractive overall design, and that is what we teach you how to fix and how to make the URL structure more SEO-friendly. You need to make your URL theme more predictable and friendly, but you also need it to be optimized, if you are looking to get more traffic on your page. For that reason, you will have to do the following:

Planning the structure for WordPress Optimization

The ideal URL structure that you should be using on WordPress should be to-the-point, user-friendly, descriptive, semantic and intuitive. In order to do that, you will have to ensure that you properly plan the URL structure. It will seem as if you are making your first email ID again, but once you get past the planning phase, you will realize that your WordPress URL is more detailed and much more optimized. There are categories assigned in the platform, and if you are going to be posting more than one blog post, then you should take advantage of the multiple category option on WordPress.

Include the date

This is trickier than it looks, since it is not going to be easy to add dates in your URL. The main problem that you will face is that you will not be able to use the URL again, since you will have to change the date again. However, there are lots of benefits that you can take advantage of when you choose to include the date of the URL on WordPress. Some of them are as follows:


  • The users should find blog posts a lot easier, since they will be able to sort them by the day, month or the year.
  • You will be able to provide breaking news, and it will benefit you, since Google will see it as fresh content on your website.

Unfortunately there are some disadvantages for adding the date to your URL as well. Here they are:


  • The article that you choose to upload may be cool and the content may be relevant to your customers, but the date can make your exceptional content obsolete.
  • You will need to make a new URL in order to update your blog post, and this way you will lose value in your links. You may keep the old URL, but once the post starts to get old, it will send a negative image to your users and especially to Google.

Category & Postname

You can use this option to make your tag and come up with something cool, which will look good on your website. A lot of people use the categories option offered to them in WordPress and there are positives and negatives for you, if you choose to use them as well. Here is what you need to know about them:


  • The search engines and the users will be able to find the blog posts easily
  • Google will optimize your pages according to the categories that they belong to
  • It will allow your users to navigate through your content easily
  • It will do wonders for your web analytics as well


  • If you have long category names it may not be the best option
  • Having too many categories can be off-putting for your users
  • It will increase the length of your URLs

It is important that you understand the importance of having the right URLs when you are using WordPress. Just make sure that you understand how they work and how your users will be influenced with your URLs as well.

Startup Trends That Are Revolutionizing Intellectual Property

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Despite the fact that plenty of entrepreneurs think protection of intellectual property isn’t that important, the IP is still an essential question for every tech startup company. These days startup trends are  revolutionizing intellectual property. As per their particular branch in the industry, each startup eventually needs to face aspects related to patent registration at a point in their development.

Did you know that over 68 percent of patent court cases come from non-practicing business entities? This is why you should further consider the costs associated with not having any type of IP protection. What’s more, over 67 percent of the companies report that their IP protection is of significant importance for funding sources. That is why numerous startup trends have started springing up.

Overall, the risks associated with lawsuits are a strong reason alone for each company to start protecting its patents. This is one more reason as to why you should consider protecting your IP. This article will discuss startup trends and what can be protected and how.

Startup trends Methods of Registration

Prior to taking any type of acquisition of resources, branding, etc, into consideration, you shouldn’t spare any expense on getting legal advice. Patent attorneys are capable of leading the whole process of registration on the company’s behalf. The following list will discuss the range of legal actions that the attorneys can execute, as per the type of the patent.


This is a legal right which protects the creative type of work and any category of official content of the company. This ensures the use and distribution on behalf of the patent holding firm and offers exclusive rights, generally for a limited time period.


This is in regards to recognizable design, typically a sign, logo, or any other form of visual design. This solely serves for connecting any particular product to its source. It also ensures that no one else can still the design.


These are definitely the most complex aspect of IP protection, and as per their structure, this is how the law can protect them. It is highly essential for startups to understand every variation of the types of patents.

Utility Patents

These are reserved for machines, processes, useful inventions, and manufactured goods. Overall, utility patents need to provide some form of identifiable benefit and are capable of use.

Design Patents

These are somewhat similar to utility patents. They are applicable for non-functional, new designs embodied in any article of manufacture. As they don’t need maintenance fees, they are a renowned choice.

You can patent business methods as well. Any specific business model can be protected and registered legally for insurance which means other firms cannot copy the model and resultantly establish themselves as a competitor in the market.

Many of the companies consider assigning their IP to the firm, because of possible issues with liability. On the contrary, one can opt for implementing some methods that can help them protect their patent without any official protection and registration of patents. This is exactly how intellectual property is being revolutionized by startups.

Other Methods

Non traditional methods have always been popular for patent protection. Well designed contracts are a common weapon of contemporary startups to keep company secrets. One more thing that one should learn as an entrepreneur is getting everything filed and signed. This includes partners, employees, and investors as well.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

This is also known as a Confidentiality Agreement (CA) and has other vibrations of a legal contract as well. It is basically an agreement between two or more parties about any type of confidential material.

Non-Compete Agreement (NCA)

This is also called a Non-Compete Clause (NCC). It is simply a type of contract between an employer and consultants, advisors, designers, and employees.

With these strategies, companies can secure their trade from possible contravention and violation. Every aspect from simple brainstorming processes and details about any product or service can be given protection through such agreements.

Each of us strives to provide something new to the market. This is why innovation is the main force behind contemporary startups trends. However, once that unique proposal for sale is found and you are able to create an idea that can rebuild your company and your brand, you definitely need to make sure it is protected.

5 of the Best WordPress Social Plugin for your Website!

By | Wordpress Hosting

The world of Word Press it can be said has revolutionized the way websites and blogs have been used and viewed online. Personally, Word Press has been the best invention of the world in a long time, after chocolate spread perhaps (okay that’s maybe just me). How large is the community, the amount of help that each and every one of these individual provides one another are all things great about being a Word Press user. On top of all that though is the WordPress social plugin.

The best thing about Word press is that it lets you do all that you have been meaning to do in creating your very own website. Simply put all you will be required to do is play, have a little curiosity, put in a little time and effort and make sure you have the will and the desire to achieve something if you really want to leave your mark. The best way to do all that and more is to install a number of different WordPress social plugin, use them yourself and just check how they perform for and most importantly if they are suitable for you.

The websites of today are more interactive and more involved in the online activities of the individual and the business than they have ever been. Some of the increasingly lauded features of websites today include their ability to share content and information on a wide array of social media platforms today. The growth of social media which in itself is a new phenomenon has meant that there are millions of users available for you to make use of. When you share your content on social media you, it represents a great opportunity to market yourself to the masses and to find new readers.

Put is copy and pasting really what your readers would want to do? Let’s be honest here, people have become lazy, they wouldn’t want to copy the link and past it for an article, they would rather just do the sharing and the reading on one click. For that you need social media plug ins. The following is a lowdown on the top 5 social media plug ins.

Get Social with WordPress Social Plugin

This is one of the more widely used social media plug ins in the market today. Using this would add a floating side bar on the side of your website allowing you to click on the platform you want to share the article or blog on. Floating sidebars are not everyone’s cup of tea but if you like them you should definitely go for them. An added benefit of using this is you get to use Social metrics plug in with this.

Sharing Analytics and Sharing Buttons by Share This

Another power packed plug in being put to use in the market is Share This. What makes ShareThis a unique buy is that it allows you many different ways and icons to share it. Also, an added feature that you can enjoy with the ShareThis plug in is being able to check the amount of data shared from you website and the type of content shared and the location of its sharing.

The plug in easy to operate, there is no real need for any hovering side bar or Share now option. All you need to do is use frictionless sharing without having to invest in any kind of custom solution.


Another popular social media plug in is that of Socialize. The plug in is different from the rest of its counterparts which makes it part of the top 5 social media plug in for use with your Word press website. The buttons for sharing and the icons can be changed and their positions modified according to your needs and wants or the design of your website.


Sexy Bookmarks anyone? Well that is literally what the plug in was called before being known as the Shareaholic. The thing about this plug in is that you get a chance to really make the most of the sharing options. Either you want a top hate, a sexy bookmark of a classic bookmark. You get all of that plus the added feature of using analysis and recommendations.

So if you are looking to upgrade your websites, get your website being a social delight.