Philippines Corporation




Benefits Included in Your Package
Incorporation Fee –
Matters relating to the incorporation of the company.
Post Incorporation Structure Fee –
Matters relating to the initial structuring of the company in accordance with client requirements.

NB: The general rule is that a corporation should be 60% owned by Filipinos. Some corporations are required to be 100% Filipino-owned (i.e., those engaged in retail business). Others should be 75% Filipino-owned, and so forth, depending on the particular industry in which the company is engaged.

Therefore, “Minimum Annual Responsibility Fee – Nominee Shareholders, Company Secretary and Directors” services listed in the “Additional Services” section below may be required. Then a contact is engaged whereas the client retains control of the company.

Initial Licence Fee –
Payable to government.
Disbursements –
Courier charges and out-of-pocket expenses.
Annual Statutory Fee –
Including the provision of a registered office in the jurisdiction of incorporation, filing statutory returns and, if required, registered agent facilities. Liaison with the registered office and the registered agent in the jurisdiction of incorporation, attending to the payment of licence and other government fees.
Annual Compliance Fee –
Attending to routine compliance matters (inclusive of periodic file reviews), reviewing correspondence received (including bank statements) and other routine matters incidental to good corporate governance.
Annual Licence Fee –
Payable to government.