Isle of Man Exempt Corporation




Benefits Included in Your Package
Incorporation Fee –
Matters relating to the incorporation of the company.
Post Incorporation Structure Fee –
Matters relating to the initial structuring of the company in accordance with client requirements.
Initial Government License Fee $775
Disbursements –
Courier charges and out-of-pocket expenses.
Annual Statutory Fee –
Including the provision of a registered office. Attending to the payment of licence and other government fees.
Minimum Annual Responsibility Fee – Nominee Shareholders, Company Secretary and Directors
Isle of Man Exempt companies must have a resident director and company secretary. Clients should note that any directors that Companies Incorporated may appoint will act responsibly and with due regard to their legal obligations. In particular, it is NOT the practice of any directors Companies Incorporated may appoint to grant anything other than limited (essentially, non-discretionary powers of attorney), and then only when it is necessary or in the best interest of the relevant companies so to do or allow clients or third parties to solely control the bank accounts of any client companies on which they may act.
Annual Compliance Fee –
Attending to routine compliance matters (inclusive of periodic file reviews), reviewing correspondence received (including bank statements) and other routine matters incidental to good corporate governance.
Annual Government Licence Fee $775
Annual Government Return $90