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Mega Ads is the most widely used online advertising platform in the world. More advertiser & publihsers trust Mega Ads to retarget site visitors with online advertising across Mobile, Web and Desktop.


The Real Time Bidding engine is based on  a core component of our Supply Side Platform. The proprietary algorithms are built to optimize revenues based on performance, provide transparency and scale while meeting the stringent requirements of response times


Target audience on various parameters like location, demographics, device, telecom operator and connection type. The rich set of targeting capabilities combined with first party data can enhance the ROI for the advertisers and help publishers increase the value of their audience.


The Audience Platform provides a Data Management Solution for storing and analysis of audience data to help refine audience segments, create new audience segments and apply insights to improve campaign performance.


The power of relevance and neutrality based algorithms powering our RTB platform help each impression be auctioned in real time at the best price. Apply insights from audience data to determine the floor bid prices for inventories and audience segments thereby enhancing revenues.


Device Mega Ads is a proprietary most up-to-date device/user agent profile database and device detection technology. With more than a million user agents and increasing everyday, get the power to accurately target any mobile device on the market.


Our big data platform on Google Cloud churns gigabytes of ad data per day ( requests, impressions, clicks, conversions, downloads, bids ) for a billion plus mobile ad impressions a month. Leveraging the best of big data technologies integrated seamlessly with our mobile platform get the power to transform raw data into insights for campaign and price optimizations.

App SDK / WrapMyApp

BundleMyApp is a one click ad wrapper for app developers supporting the most popular mobile OS (Android, iOS, J2ME, windows, BB). Ability to easily integrate a variety of ad formats and manage configurations on the fly through a self-service console. A white label app sdk solution for telco’s app store developers.


In addition to standard responsive banner and text ads, Mega Ads support rich media formats ( interstitials, splash, video ). One of our proprietary ad formats, the “Story Ad” can help lift engagement rates and deliver enhanced ROI.


Our Mobile Ad Server is a result of extensive R&D and has been built from the ground up for mobile to deliver high performance, horizontal scalability and seamless RTB integrations. The support for rich media ads, proprietary device detection technology enabling responsive device based ad delivery is at the core of our mobile ad server.


An end to end out-of-the-box solution for ad networks to provide a self service console for their advertisers, agencies, publishers and other ad network partners. With customized real-time dashboards, advanced report scheduling and a complete approval and notification framework.


Mega Ads powers the Supply Side Platform (SSP) for large publishers and Ad Networks to help better manage, optimize and increase revenues from their inventory. Every impression is bid for in real time by RTB enabled demand partners (DSP’s and Exchanges) thereby increasing the value of each impression sold.


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All over the world, there are several platforms of online advertising found. Publishers and advertisers search for proper online advertising company for re-targeting site visitors along with online broadcasting. Advertising is mandatory for contemporary businesses. Different media formats are supported by the companies. Self-service consoles are provided by the ad networks for the publishers, advertisers and other network partners. Progressive report scheduling is also possible with customized dashboards. For refining the audience segments, the audience data needs to be analyzed and stored. Ad deliveries through mobile are also possible with the various advertising companies. The technology of device detection enables responsive devices that depend on the ad delivery.