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Save up 66% on your phone bill and keep your phone number with home VoIP phone service, you can choose any area code you like; in your own area or elsewhere in the country. Or, you can keep your current number if you prefer. home VoIP calls give you that freedom. Do you already have VoIP hardware? Then check out our list to see if your device is compatible!

  1. Choose your toll free number.
  2. Create extensions and call handling rules for your staff.
  3. Direct callers to the correct extension with an audio menu.

Home VoIP is the simplest way to set up a flexible, low cost home phone service with all the features you’ll ever need and the options to make it exactly what you want. How our service works

Simple to Setup and Easy to Use

  1. Connect the home VOIP adapter to your Internet connection.
  2. Plug your home phone into the adapter.
  3. Pick up your phone and start using.

Iwando network is directly interconnected with over 500 of the leading mobile and fixed operators.

Choose Your Own Number

Choose a phone number in your local area code or transfer your existing number for use with your Voip service. Want more numbers? Add them at any time.

FREE Phone Adapter

Connect any phone to the adapter for use with our Voip service. This small device works virtually anywhere in the world with any high-speed Internet connection.


Simple to Setup and Easy to Use

Advanced Voicemail

Deliver voicemail messages to a phone, email address or a text message. Listen to voicemail messages in your online account or have them sent to your email address as a .mp3 file.

Standard Calling Features

Call blocking, call transfer, call waiting, caller ID, three-way calling and custom outbound caller ID.

Advanced Call Routing

Route incoming calls to a single number, or different destinations based on the day, time or the Caller ID of the call received.

Custom Greetings

Create audio greetings by uploading your own audio files or record directly from your phone. Greetings can be used for hold music, or select from our professional hold music options.

Online Management

Setup and manage your Inbox, calling features and billing through your online account.

And So Many More Features

Packed with over 40 advanced calling features and add-on services that let you customize your perfect phone service.

Simple & Flexible Pricing

Get flat-rate pricing with no gotchas and no contract. Easily manage your service, billing and features at any time online.

24x7x365 premium support

Our Customer Support team is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you by email, chat or phone.

Stay Connected From Anywhere

Our voip pbx systems let you cut down on your phone bill and use it anywhere with an area code. We even provide a free phone adapter that lets you pair your phone with the system. We let you choose any phone number or retain your personal number. The switching system will manage all the calls among internal users. The services will also let your employees handle incoming calls and make correct extension for them. You simply have to connect your home adapter to an internet connection and your phone on the other end to start using these facilities.

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We offers cheap international VOIP calls over Wifi. Our rates are 67% cheaper than Skype and we don’t charge any connexion fee!