IWANDO offers white-label exchange solutions for digital assets, equities, FX, futures/derivatives & margin trading, tokenization (primary market), liquidity services and more.. We cater to a range of clients and provide a turnkey broker solution among our many services. With our web based trading platform & Integration services, geared at turn key integration solutions (as a stand-alone or any legacy trading server), you and your clients will be trading soon after we begin implementation.

We provide both user platform interfaces & liquidity solutions. Our cryptocurrency list currently includes poplular coins and can add or make a market for a range of others.

Set up your own cryptocurrency exchange platform in just few days. We’ll guide you through the whole process and help you launch successful crypto business!

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IWANDO provides the technology and high-level security support needed to level the playing field for small- and medium-sized exchanges.

IWANDO’s matching engine uses lock-free circular queue memory, reaching millions of TPS (transactions per second); asynchronous data persistence, with the liquidation of up to 10,000 per second; and has a perfect disaster recovery mechanism. In case of downtime, recovery can be achieved in seconds.

For exchange transactions, IWANDO has a set of special risk control systems, conducting all-around risk management of the system. It also provides three-way reconciliation of finances, real-time monitoring of fund security in wallets, active security interventions, intelligent monitoring of asset circulation, withdrawal blocks, defense against DDoS attacks, traffic cleanup, and 30-over other defense mechanisms.

In terms of wallet services, IWANDO provides structure and security to ensure the security, stability, and efficiency of the wallet system. For business purposes, it includes traceability, accounts reconciliation, withdrawal reviews, external scanning, and other content processing. At the same time, via the network topology, operations and maintenance measures such as deployment specifications, database, and server monitoring have comprehensively improved the system’s security, stability, and disaster recovery capabilities.

Spot Trading Software

Features mature and widely used. A powerful memory matching engine guarantees high concurrent transactions; a complete front-end and back-office system provides a supporting centralized

High-Performance Matching Engine
It provides memory matching and uniform matching of platform orders, with over 50,000 tps (trades per second) for each trading pair.
Professional trading
Provide custom and third-party K-line, technical analysis and scribing tool support strategies
Supporting functions
Supporting Financial Software, risk control software, supporting all mainstream currencies

Leveraged Trading Software

Spot leverage trading Software, auction trading mechanism, sharing the depth of the market with spot transactions, providing users with support for short-term and short-term loan fund turnover;

Leveraged Lending
It provides medium and short-term digital currency lending for turnover,and users can allocate excess assets by platform lending up to 5 times the leverage
Professional Transaction
It provides third-party and self-defined K-lines, technical analysis and line tools, supports strategy orders and contingent orders as well as API.
Safety Guaranteed
Each lending is audited by the system, with the risk rate calculated in real time. Users with high leverage and heavy loss will be reminded in time, and forced liquidation occurs if necessary.

OTC Software

This system provides three types of merchant authentication modes, supports online payment of cryptocurrencies and offline payment of fiat currencies, thus facilitating access of funds. The strict KYC authentication guarantees the safe transactions among users and fund withdrawal security.

Listed Trading Mechanism
It provides a merchant margin system and free liquidity support.
System Security Guarantee
It provides security audit of fund deposits and withdrawals, user KYC and merchant margin systems.
Users’ Rights and Interests Protected
It enables encryption for users’ privacy and payment information, and supports bi-directional claim channels.

Contract Transaction Software

It has well-tested functions and supports bi-directional position opening and position by position management. It provides a complete risk prevention system and enables delivery according to index prices, so as to protect the rights and interests of users and the safety of assets to the maximum. Its powerful memory matching engine guarantees high concurrency transactions and supports API orders.

Financial Futures Trading
It enables trading varieties to be designed by users on their own, supports bi-directional position opening contracts, regular and perpetual contracts, and supports the position by position mode and cross mode.
Margin Mechanism
For position openings with margins mortgaged, with the platform sets the upper limit of leverage multiple for each variety, and the users define the multiple when opening the positions.
Forced liquidation Mechanism
It calculates the real-time risk rate and performs forced liquidation on positions with high risk rates. The losses of positions to be liquidated in case of margin calls shall be disbursed from the risk reserve account.

ETF Trading Software

It enables ETF functions through portfolio management (charging on position rebalancing), offering without raising funds, liquidity and other services, which provides customized and SaaS services, with leverage configuration, purchase and redemption, weight distribution, multi-dimensional reports and other functions.

Various System Functions
The system has the functions such as leverage, long or short ETFs, NAV accounting, efficient rebalancing, discount and premium.
Safe and Reliable for Use
At any time, you can purchase and redeem it at the next NAV, providing partial day level effective liquidity.
Flexible Deployment
Both customization and SaaS deployment are available, and exchanges are choosen according to the investment cost, with short access period and high efficiency.

Liquidity Software

This system focuses on solving problems such as poor liquidity and insufficient depth of digital currency transactions, helping exchanges, brokers and institutional investors reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Leading Liquidity Services
IWANDO provides liquidity of over 100 mainstream currency pairs and popular currency pairs, top trading depth and continuous K-line charts.
Diversified Functions
These functions include user-defined parameters, financial-level monitoring, professional risk control management, perfect reports and so on.
Professional Solutions
IWANDO provides solutions for mainstream coin transaction liquidity and platform token liquidity.

Self-hosted Exchange

(Full-end source code access)

Spot & Margin Trading

$ 400,000

One Time Cost

Futures Trading

$ 200.000

One Time Cost

Spot, Margin, Futures Trading

$ 600.000

One Time Cost

SaaS Exchange

Includes Free Exclusive Project Expert Service, Technical Asset Custody Support, Operation & Maintenance Service
20% Transaction fee

Spot & Margin Trading

$ 4166

Per Month

Billed $50.000 USD every 12 months

Futures Trading

$ 4166

Per Month

Billed $50.000 USD every 12 months

Spot, Margin, Futures Trading

$ 8333

Per Month

Billed $100.000 USD every 12 months

Exchange Features

Function Module Function point Remarks
Exchange front-end Basic
exchange function
Registration Support phone number registration and email registration.
Login The secondary security verification is required for user login, including Google
authentication, phone verification code and email verification code.
Phone number & email binding Support mobile phone or email as ID login system simultaneously.
Password retrieve Retrieve the password according to user’s bound phone number or email.
ID authentication Users’ real name authentication and background manual check are the preconditions of
users’ cash withdrawal.
Google authentication Set Google authentication for the security of important operations such as login,
security settings modification, withdrawal and so on.
Language switchover The page can be displayed in Chinese, English and Korean in exchange.
Operation log Record users’ login and settings modification records to prevent the ID from
Invitation code Provide invitation code and registration link to promote exchange.
Coin-coin exchange Market selection Support multi-market, optional coin pairs display and automatic conversion of token
price into legal tender price.
K graph  Trading View, Integrated trading View and special displaying K graph, with their own
analysis tools
Depth map Display the trading commission depth of current coin pairs in real time.
Commission list Display commission list of trading, and be able to display 150 trading data.
Limited price trading Conduct a trading transaction at the price specified by the user.
Market price trading Complete the user trading at the best price.
Broker Support invitation commission and position commission, and be able to check all
subordinated information and dividends.
Trading mining Support trading mining, holding currency dividends, invitation bonus and other
functions, and be able to display relevant data.
Innovative experimental plot Support new projects subscription.
Trading record  Be able to display the last 150 trading records of this coin pair.
Over-the-counter (OTC) Fund list Record  the available amount and frozen amount of users’ various assets currently
(legal tender and tokens are optional).
Top-up Support the top-up of digital currencies and legal tender (It requires customers to
provide the third-party payment interface of legal tender.)
Cash withdrawal Support the cash withdrawal of the digital currencies and legal tender. There are
automatic risk control strategy and manual check for cash withdrawal.
Fund details Record users’ top-up, cash withdrawal, transfer and other historical operations.
Release advertisements Support users to release business advertisements by themselves (it requires users to
apply for being the merchant first).
My advertisements Inquire the released advertisements.
Trading Support over-the-counter trading.
Address management Preset the token address of users’ each currency 
Futures Contract trading  Contract type Futures contract
Contract charge unit USD
Contract account unit BTC
Trading commissions Trading fees
Contract time Perpetual, weekly, sub-weekly, monthly, quarterly circulation
Delivery basis Spot stock index price
Maximum leverage 100
Margin model Support fixed margin
Fund use Floating profit shall not be used to offset floating loss
or as the margin for opening a new position.
Position margin Support the mutual offset of the margin occupation of the short position and long
position and the margin occupation of go long and go short in the same
Consignment margin occupation Support the mutual offset of the margin occupation of the short position and long
position and the margin occupation of go long and go short in the same
Realized profit withdrawal Withdraw at any time.
Floating profit withdrawal After the liquidation, the realized profit can be withdrawn.
Forced liquidation account basis Mark price index.
Forced liquidation processing logic As full amount forced liquidation mechanism, it can keep the margin balance at
zero after the forced liquidation (the balance is returned to the platform as
risk reserve).
Wearing loss prevention and control Auto deleveraging ADL
Terminal PC Support PC-terminal
APP Support Android and iOS.
H5 Support H5 exchange.
Open API Support API in normal exchanges.
Management background System management Authority management As a basic function, it can manage system pages through pages display, which is
helpful to system upgrade.
Role management Support exchanges to assign different permissions to different administrators.
Real name authentication Manually check the ID authentication submitted by each user.
System settings Setup the language display of management background. Chinese, English and Korean
are optional.
Member management Manage users and check users’ assets, transactions and other important information.
Frozen operation can be made on high risk users.
Log management Record the operation logs of the management background to monitor abnormal
User management Add, delete, change and check the accounts of management background.
Order management Inquire and export customers’ spot trading orders.
Interface access administration Access restriction to a single interface to prevent the breakdown caused by too much
System language settings Background display language settings
Financial management Coins-awarded
As a management tool, it can give assets to an account as a present, conduct
accounts market making in general users’ exchanges or award coins to
designated accounts.
Transfer accounts Transfer assets between two accounts.
Financial statement Include exchange’s balance sheet, cash flow statement and income statement.
Top-up & withdrawal Record the top-up and withdrawal statistic data of different digital assets in the
whole transaction.
Service fee settings Set the fees of assets’ top-up and withdrawal; set trading fee for each coin
Operation management Top-up statistics Make statistics on daily top-up of different currencies.
Withdrawal statistics Make statistics on daily cash withdrawal of different currencies.
Registration statistics Make statistics on the new users in the exchange every day, including the
registration, phone number and email binding, top-up and so on.
Login statistics Make statistics on daily exchange activities, including login, trading, top-up,
withdrawal and other activities.
Trading statistics Make statistics on daily transactions of different coin pairs, including order
quantity, transaction volume and asset holdings.
Broker management Invitation trading and other scenarios, such as dividends, role configuration and
invitation relationship statistics.
Data statistics Top-up, buying, selling and orders of each coin-coin account.
Capital statistics The assets information of various currencies on the user’s account.
Position award Give out rewards according to position amounts.
Lock position token release Lock position and deblocking configuration.
Discount management Service fee discount settings.
Self-holding currency dividends Trading dividends
BabyCoin BabyCoin account rule settings
Content management Content distribution of App carousel advertisements and pictures
Service fee management Make statistics on the settings, top-up and use of exchange fee accounts.
CMS system Home-page
carousel advertisements
Manage the banner carousel pictures and corresponding links in the home page of the
Article sort management Manage the classification method of articles in the exchange.
Article management Manage the content of exchange articles.
Pictures uploading Manage all CMS pictures uploading.
In-station service Message
A tool used by exchange’s administrators for sending messages to designated
Announcement management Manage the announcement content in the home page of the exchange.
Worksheet management Reply to questions raised by users in the exchange.
Risk management Risk control list Monitor and inquire abnormal transactions, abnormal profits and losses and abnormal
accounts of different trading coin pairs in the exchange.
Risk control running status Set alarm parameters for the abnormal situations of different coin pairs.
Cash withdrawal rule settings Set alarm parameters and handling methods for possible money laundering and money
stolen during cash withdrawal.
System configuration Auto tasks configuration Timing tasks configuration
Currency management Currency information configuration and currency transaction switch
Coin pair configuration Currency exchange rate and other configurations and switches
Configuration management Functional configuration area
Multi-language configuration Multi-language version switch
Multi-language version management Text message and email contents configuration
App version management APP version upgrade record management and APP upgrade page configuration
Innovative experimental plot (private placement) Financing project Financing rules for each project
Investment order Make statistics and query on investment orders.
User management Member management User information and account operations
Over-the-counter (OTC) OTC merchants authentication description Merchants apply for template configuration.
OTC merchants authentication rule configuration Merchant authentication condition configuration.
OTC merchants certification application list Merchant approval and query operations
OTC trading details Make statistics on OTC operation details of users’ each currency.
Advertisement management OTC advertisement management and advertisement release records
Order management OTC finished order management and rollback operation
Appeal management Order complaint handling and operation
Futures Contract trading  System management Role management
Authority management
System language settings
Administrator management
System configuration Basic information configuration
Currency configuration
Coin pair configuration
Contract configuration
Risk reserve configuration
Service fee configuration
User management Member  management
Operation management System liquidation query
Risk reserve query
Trading commission query
Risk control  Platform forced liquidation query
Platform deleveraging ranking list
Platform position information

Modules & Services for Self-hosted Exchange

Coin Pairs, OTC liquidity

$ 7000

Per Month

VIP Customer Service

$ 10.000

Per Month

SVIP Customer Service

$ 20.000

Per Month

VIP vs SVIP Customer Service

Level Service VIP SVIP Example Remark Extra Manpower
Bug Fixing/Guidance Instant
PC/H5/APP Display problem、Logic Problem R&D, Test
Function Upgrade Updating Updating 4008 Red Pocket Function Launch Lastest Features Available Product, R&D, Test
Technical Support
(R&D consultation)
Free Free Code layer consultation, Open Platform, OPENAPI consultation Exclusive expert,
Stay in touch with you.
R&D Engineer
Customization 3 people day
a month
6 people day
a month
Bulk import and other custom function Evaluation by product managers;
Extra charges needed
in case of overworking
Product, UI, R&D,Test
Operations System Operations and Maintenance 24/7
Server、System、Database、Network、security maintenance and monitoring
1:Server 24/7 maintenance and monitering;
2:System 24/7 maintenance and monitering;
3:System expansion&Upgrade implementation;
4:System data backup&Disaster recovery scheme;
5:System O&M security scheme;
24/7 operation & maintenance
Operations Engineer、DBA、Security Engineer
O&M Services Consultation Free Support Free Support Deployment guidance,
O&M Qs consultation
O&M Guidance Consultation Operations Engineer
Wallet Deposit and Withdraw Dealing In 3 hrs In 2 hrs Deposit and Withdraw issues The dealing time should be delayed when there are node issues happening. Wallet Engineer、Operations Engineer
Wallet Services Consultation Free Support Free Support Wallet R&D guidance Material sharing
No real development
Wallet Engineer
Wallet Upgrade Free Support Free Support ETH Wallet Upgrade The wallet version needs
to be evaluated
Wallet Engineer、Operations Engineer
Asset recovery due to wrong address In 2 weeks In 2 weeks Main Chain, Token, Contract Using tools to recover after evaluation Wallet Engineer、Operations Engineer
Others Coin-listing apply 8 ERC-20/M 8 ERC-20/M
1Main chain/M
ERC-20 Issuing,
Mainchain Coin Research
The development circle of the main chain needs to be evaluated. Wallet Engineer、Operations Engineer
Special System Training
(Admin Dashboard, R&D, O&M, Wallet)
1 Full System Training 2 Full System Training Spot admin+Futures admin+Robot admin+risk control admin+deployment+structure+database+wallet+security training Project manager, R&D, O&M, Wallet
Stay in touch
(Problem Tracking Processing)
Instant Response
Instant Response
Function consultation、deployment guidance、question feedback See Problem Solving Timetable
VPN Services 5 Offered 10 Extra Offered VPN Open、Unban、Monitering and other support For secure access to admin dashboard, VPN has to be open Security Expert
K-chart Repair Once a month DBA、O&M
Data Migration Supported Supported DBA、O&M