Troubleshoot problems, identify performance bottlenecks, and boost performance using our instant tech support services.

At Iwando, we offer the complete range of technical support services needed to make your computer at optimal levels and deliver performance. Our tech support service offerings include:

  • Optimization services
  • Diagnosis & Repair
  • Setup & Install
  • Virus Removal

Computer Optimization

Is your computer becoming slower over time?Are some of the applications and software not working well with one another?Are you experiencing slow loading times  and performance glitches while surfing the internet?

Possible cause can range from outdated application drivers to bad sectors in the hard disk. Our tech support professionals are equipped with the tools and apps to check your PC for problems and bring it back to speed.

Diagnosis & Repair

Unable to figure out why your hardware is not functioning properly, or why your computer took a performance dip for a while?

Our support team is trained in rapidly diagnosing problems and taking you through the process repairing your computer and bringing it back to life.

Setup & Install

Do you want to upgrade your computer? Install and configure a new operating system or a software suite? Or do you need advise on the best software for your needs?

Contact our tech support team for an immediate response and remote setup and installation.

Virus Removal

Viruses and malware can wreck havoc with your computer and put sensitive personal and business data at risk. Overcome this with a scan and effective removal of viruses from your computer.

We continuously update our database to remain abreast of the latest virus threats. As a result, we are able to readily scan, detect, and remove/fix any virus issues.

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