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Sometimes you might not have the time or the means to drop your computer off at a computer repair shop. IWANDO offers convenient and reliable Online PC Repair and Online Tech Support for a variety of computer issues that can be taken care of remotely.

If you have a suspicion of malware on your computer, we highly recommend getting your computer checked out. Whether it’s pesky pop-ups, a suspected virus or just software that you can’t figure out, PRO can help and make sure you are secured. We can take you on right as you call or schedule an appointment later.

Our online computer repair service setup is straight-forward and simple, and takes your privacy into consideration. Around 80% of software-related issues can be taken care of remotely with our remote PC, so don’t hesitate to give us a call and get quick and friendly help.

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IWANDO TECH solves your PC headaches and saves your time in just a click!

Our tech experts can perform remote computer repair, help you set-up software, take care of complex printer set up, tune your PC’s settings to lower both your energy output and your electric bill, and all the other services mentioned below.

When you need help, just click your IWANDO TECH desktop icon and your Buddy will start a chat session, and ask how he/she can help. Your Buddy will connect to your PC and fix the problem… all while you watch on-screen!

TeamViewer is the renowned market leader with more than 20% Worldwide market share in the remote support software industry.

Due to our high integrity, service, support and terms, IWANDO concept has been chosen by TeamViewer as an official Worldwide Showcase story!


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