Place and receive calls on your mobile phone and connect wherever your life takes you. Learn more



Plug in and use your existing phone or choose from our selection of IP phones.



Use our Communicator softphone to place and receive calls (even video calls) from your computer desktop.



Login anywhere with internet access and a browser to manage your account and features.

Send Calls to any Number or Phone

All incoming calls are automatically routed based on your customized settings in your account control panel. Calls can be routed to your phones based on the day, time or even the Caller ID of the incoming call.

You’re not limited to just phones!

Using  VoIP you can send calls to:

  • Voicemail – have your messages sent to you as a .mp3 file
  • Custom greetings – create your own audio messages
  • Menus – make a set of options users can select
  • Your computer – send and receive on your desktop
  • and much more – our Call Routing feature makes it easy

Who Can Use VoIP? You!

Launch HighTech Voip is a flexible, low-cost communications tool for anyone and any situation

Business Owners

Impressively simple business phone system that connects you and your staff under one number.

Mobile Professionals

phone number that is as flexible as your personal schedule

Home Phone Users

Build a full-featured, custom home phone service and save over traditional phone lines.

What do I need to use VoIP?

To use VoIP service, you’ll need a computer to configure settings and an existing phone to receive calls. You can also purchase an IP Phone or use our Communicator softphone application.

Certain features of VoIP service require the use of a high-speed Internet connection. Your account configuration will determine your needs.

You DO need high speed Internet to:

  • Place and receive calls on a device (adapter or IP phone)
  • Place and receive calls using softphone software
  • Edit your account settings in your control panel

You DON’T need high speed Internet to:

  • Receive forwarded calls on an existing phone (mobile, home, office, etc)
  • Route incoming calls according to your account settings

Make Calls For FreeHow Voip Works

Our Small Business Voip System lets you explore endless possibilities. You will be able to make long distance calls using internet protocol. The analog signals made via phone will be converted into digital data packets and send across using the World Wide Web. It will let you receive voicemail in mp3 format. It will completely change your perspective on how telephone network works. Since you will be using an internet connection to make all your calls, you will be avoiding all charges levied by your companies. The service is beneficial especially during the growing phase of your business.