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Download antivirus and protect your computer, business data and personal information from a wide array of online treats -24/7 – with automated updates to help shield you from the latest online dangers.

The internet is raving with hackers who remain abreast of the latest technologies, leveraging them to perpetrate fraud and scams. Their purpose can range from stealing valuable personal information from individuals, or business and corporate data from business websites and networks.

Prevent infiltration and minimize risks by siloing your data against threats with the right protective software.

Defends against viruses, ransomware & more

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018 is your PC’s first line of defense against today’s complex malware threats. From the moment it’s installed, you benefit from essential, real-time protection against the latest malware attacks – without affecting your PC’s performance.

  • Anti-virus/Anti-spyware – Helps to detect, block, and remove viruses, spyware, and adware. Regularly updates its antivirus library to so that your protection remain abreast of the latest threats.
  • Anti-phishing – Alerts you to websites that may try to steal your identity. Some websites are set to collect your personal information, or have been hacked to do so. Remain informed and protected.
  • Identity Protection – Helps you to shop, bank, and trade online safely by securing your interaction with websites.
  • Two-way Firewall Protection – Prevent you against hackers accessing to your PC.
  • Network Monitoring – Alerts you when intruders connect to your home network

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Malicious Website Blocking


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Advanced Malware Removal


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