Crypto Exchange Customer Service

Includes Exclusive Project Expert Service, Technical Asset Custody Support, Operation & Maintenance Service

VIP Customer Service

For Self Hosted Exchange
  • Per Month
  • Annual Paid Upfront $120.000
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SVIP Customer Service

For Self Hosted Exchange
  • Per Month
  • Annual Paid Upfront $240.000
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VIP vs SVIP Customer Service

VIP SVIP Example Remark Extra Manpower
Bug Fixing/Guidance Instant
PC/H5/APP Display problem、Logic Problem   R&D, Test
Function Upgrade Updating Updating 4008 Red Pocket Function Launch Lastest Features Available Product, R&D, Test
Technical Support
(R&D consultation)
Free Free Code layer consultation, Open Platform, OPENAPI consultation Exclusive expert,
Stay in touch with you.
R&D Engineer
Customization 3 people day
a month
6 people day
a month
Bulk import and other custom function Evaluation by product managers;
Extra charges needed
in case of overworking
Product, UI, R&D,Test
Operations System Operations
and Maintenance
Server、System、Database、Network、security maintenance and monitering
1:Server 24/7 maintenance and monitering;
2:System 24/7 maintenance and monitering;
3:System expansion&Upgrade implementation;
4:System data backup&Disaster recovery scheme;
5:System O&M sercurity scheme;
Operations Engineer、DBA、Security Engineer
O&M Services Consultation Free Support Free Support Deployment guidance,
O&M Qs consultation
O&M Guidance Consultation Operations Engineer
Wallet Deposit and Withdral
In 3 hrs In 2 hrs Deposit and Withdral issues  The dealing time should be delayed when there are nodes issues happening. Wallet Engineer、Operations Engineer
Wallet Services Consultation Free Support Free Support Wallet R&D guidance Material sharing
No real development
Wallet Engineer
Wallet Upgrade Free Support Free Support ETH Wallet Upgrade The wallet version needs
to be evaluated
Wallet Engineer、Operations Engineer
Asset recovery due to wrong address In 2 weeks In 2 weeks Main Chain, Token, Contract Using tools to recover after evaluation Wallet Engineer、Operations Engineer
Others Coin-listing apply 8 ERC-20/M 8 ERC-20/M
1Main chain/M
ERC-20 Issuing,
Mainchain Coin Research
The development circle of main chain needs to be evaluated. Wallet Engineer、Operations Engineer
Special System Training
(Admin Dashboard、R&D、O&M、Wallet)
1 Full System Training 2 Full System Training Spot admin+Futures admin+Robot admin+risk control admin+deployment+structure+database+wallet+security training   Project manager, R&D, O&M, Wallet
Stay in touch
(Problem Tracking Processing)
Instant Responce
Instant Responce
Function consultation、deployment guidance、question feedback See Problem Solving Timetable
VPN Services 5 Offered 10 Extra Offered VPN Open、Unban、Monitering and other support For secure access to admin dashboard, VPN has to be open Sercurity Expert
K-chart Repair   Once a month     DBA、O&M
Data Migration Supported Supported     DBA、O&M