Let our staff be yours — We’ll manage your server & website tech support, phone calls, emails, and even online chat.

Fast and Professional B2B Support

Don’t Miss a Single Call, Chat, or Email

Now that your website is generating leads, who’s answering all of those customer calls, chats, and emails? As your business grows, you may not have time to run your business AND take sales calls AND handle customer service. That’s where b2b support comes in. Our 100% USA-based team can handle any type of b2b support, customer inquiries—customer service or sales!

How it Works:

  • We learn all about your business and your products/services
  • Our staff is trained to upsell, cross sell and most importantly ASK for the sale
  • Increase sales by 20% by having our staff answer your phone at night and on weekends!
  • No need to purchase software/phone systems or hire and train employees

Help Desk Support

Give your customers world-class tech support. Our engineers manage your help desk, under your brand name, so that your customers get instant access to expert help round the clock.

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Live Chat Support

Keep your business responsive at all times. We transparently manage your live chat support 24/7. No matter what the time of day, your customers get instant access to expert support.

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Phone Support

Never again miss a call from your customers. Our experienced, friendly support team based in AZ, USA, manage your phone support operations, so that your customers get quick help 24/7.

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Call Center

Whether you need an after-hours answering service for your lawn care business, professional staff to take reservations for your restaurant, or an outbound campaign announcing your next seminar – we’ve got you covered.

  • We deliver exceptional customer experience & driving customer loyalty
  • We treat your customers as if they are our customers
  • Our services are completely customizable to meet the needs of your business

Online Chat

We don’t just provide online chat software and leave you to figure it out on your own. Our Online Chat service service does it ALL for you. Our professionals can even make sales during chats with your customers.

  • We install online chat software on your website
  • Our specialists learn all about your products and services
  • We respond to customer chats and close sales
  • You received detailed, monthly reports on chat activity and results

Virtual Receptionist

When you’re running a busy small business, tasks such as resolving transaction declines can really slow down you down. Our Virtual Receptionist takes care of all your administrative tasks quickly and efficiently. We have the experience and skills necessary to:

  • Resolve transaction declines and address verification errors
  • Place orders with vendors, drop shippers and manufacturers
  • Initiate, investigate and respond to shipping carrier claims
  • Manage customer inquiries left via voicemail or email
  • Research potential fraud orders
  • Input tracking information into CRM systems

Email Answering

Adding forms to your website for price quotes, contact requests, and newsletter or coupon subscriptions is easy. But managing and responding to all of those inquiries could be a full time job in itself! And if you have an email address for sales or customer service inquiries on your website, the volume of emails is even higher. Let our experts manage it for you!

  • Respond to any emails from your customers; sales,
    customer service, technical support, and more…
  • Improve customer satisfaction with quick and accurate answers
  • Answer price quote and contact request forms

Leave worries behind

The exchange of product information and services between two business companies is called b2b customer support. We provide excellent utilities that can only help in growing your business further. We have proficient staff that will provide support and increase your sale percentage. When you are taking a break on a weekend or celebrating your child’s birthday, you won’t have to worry about customers finding the answering machine at your office. Our team will handle all calls and customer relations so that you can enjoy without any worries. All administrative tasks related to your business transactions will be handled by our virtual receptionist so that you can take care of more important matters.

Answered 11,838 phone calls

White Label Maintenance & Support Service

Replied 176,762 emails

White Label Maintenance & Support Service

Resolved 95,857 Tickets

White Label Maintenance & Support Service

Made 91,149 clients' customers satisfied

White Label Maintenance & Support Service