Affiliate Program

Earn Highest Commissions – Now up to $150 per sale

Join the affiliate program and start earning 35% on every sale

The Affiliate Program allows you to make money by referring customers to Every time you refer a customer or a friend that purchases one of our web services or products, you earn a commission. We provide you with the banner and/or text links as well as detailed reports on sales from your site. Every week, we’ll send you commissions from all the sales you referred. We process all payments following the end of each week. In order to receive payment, the amount payable must be $25 or greater.

New High Conversion Website – We Convert Your Traffic To Sales’s new website is strategically designed with the order process in mind. From start to finish, the valuable traffic that you direct to our site is being efficiently provided the necessary information to inform the potential customer, and moved through the order process to completion.

You get paid by advertising performance campaigns to your audience on your blog, website, newsletter, search landing page.

Our system will track the referrals and compensate you for advertising the offer on a performance basis.

Depending on the specific terms of our agreement you can get paid as frequently as daily using direct deposit into your bank account.

If you are an expert marketer we provide the very best tracking technology and controls to make sure 100% of your referrals are tracked and you get real-time updates.

For each new web hosting or web service customer you refer to through our web affiliate program, we’ll pay you up to $150.

2 Tier Commissions – Make Thousands of Additional Dollars

Know someone who would make a great affiliate? Refer other affiliates to our web hosting affiliate program and earn 10% of any commissions they earn throughout their affiliate career. That’s an easy way to do something once and get paid for it multiple times in the future. This is a virtually unlimited opportunity to make thousands of additional dollars.

Enhanced Success

When you are selling a great product or service, your ability to make money is increased. provides high-quality web hosting that is not only affordable but also backed by award-winning customer service. Our service is feature-rich, reliable, and advanced enough to meet the needs of even the most demanding hosting consumer. With our unique promotional incentives, making money as an Affiliate really is as easy as sending people to our website. We have some of the best traffic to sales conversion ratios in the industry. All of this adds up to one thing, more opportunity and more money for you, via the web hosting affiliate program.

All The Help You Need has 6 dedicated affiliate program manager, ensuring that any questions, comments, and concerns that you may have will be answered and addressed in a prompt and courteous fashion.

Over $3,000,00 paid out to affiliates since 2015

Are you a company or a large scale advertiser? Contact us for info concerning more in-depth relationships.