AdTech & Programmatic Platform Development

Building AdTech platforms isn’t for the fainthearted, and it certainly isn’t for your average software development company. Advertising technology development requires a unique set of skills, in-depth industry knowledge, and experience acquired over a number of years. Our teams have been designing, building, and maintaining AdTech and MarTech platforms for since 2015.

Work with IWANDO team to build your next custom AdTech solution

Demand-side platforms (DSPs)

Whether you want eliminate white label DSP fees, reduce commissions paid to intermedaries, or simply have more control over your data and the media-buying process, our full-service AdTech development teams can partner with your company to design and build a custom DSP

Supply-side platforms (SSPs)

Build a custom supply-side platform or improve your existing SSP with our full-service AdTech development teams, Supply Side Platforms connect multiple demand sources who are looking for online advertising inventory, such as ad networks, marketplaces, ad exchanges

Ad exchange

Partner with IWANDO’s experienced AdTech development teams to design and build a custom ad exchange exchange that facilitates the buying and selling of media advertising inventory from multiple, SSPs and ad networks through one interface

OpenRTB protocol development and support

Partner with our full-service AdTech development teams and integrate the OpenRTB protocol into your platforms to access more inventory, data, and bid requests

Header bidding development

Whether you are looking to build a custom header-bidding platform or wrapper, or want to add header-bidding capabilities to your existing AdTech platforms, our full-service AdTech development teams can help you plan, design, and build the right solution.

Data management platforms (DMPs)

From design and development to optimization and maintenance, our full-service Ad Tech & MarTech teams can help you build a data management platform, integrate it with other systems, and expand & improve your existing solutions.

Retargeting platforms

Let our full-service development team develop an integrated solution
that helps you boost customer retention and recover lost revenue.

Dynamic ad-serving technology

Both advertisers & publishers can benefit from streamlined integrations and the simplicity of having a custom ad server to optimize their media-buying & selling.

Data measurement and analytics platforms

IWANDO can help you plan, design, & build your web analytics platform. We’ve built 100+ successful projects that are used by millions of users.

Other real-time bidding (RTB)

we can set up your server-to-server buying process that allows inventory (ad space on websites) to be bought and sold on a per-impression basis. It happens instantaneously through an auction that determines who gets to buy a specific impression.

Programmatic ecosystem components

If you want to build a new programmatic platform or improve your existing one but lack the resources needed to do it, our experienced AdTech development teams can help

Your trusted Programming & Adtech partner

We are a software development company based in Silicon Valley with offices worldwide. Our full-service adTech development team can help you launch and grow your successful platforms.