An Introduction to Google+ for the Beginner!

By 10/03/2016 Uncategorized

Not everyone is familiar with Google+ and it is often shunned like the ugly sibling of social media. However, there are lots of interesting features that is open to the public and will provide you with different benefits. There are lots of people that use Google+ and a quick search will reveal to you that there are over 300 million active Google+ users. This means that there are lots of opportunities for you to reach out to a new audience and that is why we are going to teach you a few secrets and tips for using Google+ today.

The first thing that you need to learn is that Google+ is very different that other social media platforms, which means that you can’t expect to use it like Facebook or Twitter. In order to use Google+ you will have to do plenty of testing, exploring, and research. The end result will be surprising, since you will get to learn about the many benefits that Google+ has to offer. We decided to test it out and we came up with the following tips for people who are looking to use Google+ today.

You have to use titles to good effect on posts

This can seem confusing to some people, but there is a great reason behind it. Adding titles to social media posts may seem counterintuitive, but on Google+ it plays a key role in building your online presence. The content on your web page is determined by the title, and Google will use the first sentence of your post as a headline that customers will see in the search. So make sure that you the first sentence of your page is strong and will make an appealing title.

You can format posts

When you are using Google+ you can format your posts, which is incredibly useful, especially when you have to save time by organizing the text on your posts and highlighting certain parts of it. Formatting your Google+ posts will help you appear professional and will also make the page easier to navigate for your customers.

Hashtags on Google+

Hashtags can be effectively used on social media networks, and Google+ is the same. Using hashtags on certain posts will allow Google to categorize them and will also allow you to relate to the content. It will also make your brand consistent if you are using the same hashtags on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Sorting followers in Customized Circles

Not a lot of people understand Circles on Google+ but it is in fact one of the best ways to target a particular audience on Google+. Doing so will ensure you that you can always deliver the right message to your followers, while you are publishing a post and you can even send your followers direct posts in their email boxes. The power of circles is grossly underestimated by a lot of users, and if you use it correctly, it will not only create loyal customers for your brand but will also allow you to target your competition much more effectively.

If you’re not currently on Google+ today, you should definitely reconsider since there are more than 300 million active users that are there for the taking. The tips that we have provided you will allow you to build solid foundations for marketing and targeting new customers on Google+.