Lead Generation Ideas and Coming Soon Page that Will Hook Your Audience before Website Launch

By 09/18/2016 Web Development

Whenever you are launching a website, the first thing that you have to do is get the audience hooked onto the website and waiting in anticipation for its launch. Many people believe that the uniqueness of the product or the idea is the main thing that will attract customers, but in reality you have to target lead generation so that you can promote or sell. However, not many know how to attract customers to a website that doesn’t exist, which is why we are going to help you learn that today.

The process itself is simple and the first thing that you would need to learn is what actually drives people towards a website and the benefits of lead generation. You can create hype about your website by a ‘Coming Soon’ page, and you can share the page on your social media platforms to generate traffic and interest for the website before its launch.

Creating Lead Generation With A Coming Soon Page

There are lots of unique ideas that are published (and practiced) on the internet every single day, and it is becoming harder to stand apart from the rest and really entice customers. The main purpose of the ‘Coming Soon’ page is to help you alert potential customers about what they can expect to come to them. You can replace a generic ‘Man at Work’ or ‘Under Construction’ sign on the page with actual content that informs the customer about what they can expect, it helps kick start an early promotion.

You can use the ‘Coming Soon’ page to not only launch a website but also use large-scale lead generation, since it will help you in the following:

  • Build email lists and attract subscribers with potential ‘early bird’ offers
  • Gather a community of beta testers for the product or app by promoting the page to early customers.
  • Create hype on social media by encouraging people to share the news or story

How To Create A Coming Soon Page That Rocks

The ‘Coming Soon’ page has to engage the audience and get their attention as well. It should be designed with a specific goal and must have certain elements that will help turn visitors into leads. Therefore, if you are looking to create a ‘Coming Soon’ page that rocks, here is what you need to do:

Make Sure It Is Attractive

You have to make sure that the page is visually appealing, since making a first impression about your website is highly important. Studies suggest that 75% of online users make judgments on credibility of a company based on their web design.

Simplicity Works Like A Charm

You don’t have to create a complicated page in order to attract attention. Sometimes simplicity works like a charm and you can use that to your advantage by not being flashy and extravagant in the page design. The ‘Coming Soon’ should be the teaser and not the main event.

Keep It Straightforward

The layout of the page should be to the point and there should be clear instructions to the customers. Do you want to invite the visitor to join the beta community, test the products or share the story? Whatever it is, make sure it is straightforward.

It Should Be Memorable

You have to ensure that the customer remembers your page and will come back to it again and again. That is why you have to use elements that will attract the target audience, and you can do that with a domain name that is catchy, simple and recognizable.

It Needs To Be Optimized

Your ‘Coming Soon’ page shouldn’t be loaded with content and you can make a greater impact by optimizing the page correctly. You can definitely make sure that your website is optimized with Google, since that will allow you to get more visitors to your website when it is launched.

Quick Note

If you don’t have the necessary skills or resources to design a custom ‘Coming Soon’ page and website runs on WordPress, you can use the popular plugins such as Anticipate or Ultimate Coming Soon Page to ensure that you make a powerful impression on your customers.