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5 of the Best WordPress Social Plugin for your Website!

By 09/03/2016 Wordpress Hosting

The world of Word Press it can be said has revolutionized the way websites and blogs have been used and viewed online. Personally, Word Press has been the best invention of the world in a long time, after chocolate spread perhaps (okay that’s maybe just me). How large is the community, the amount of help that each and every one of these individual provides one another are all things great about being a Word Press user. On top of all that though is the WordPress social plugin.

The best thing about Word press is that it lets you do all that you have been meaning to do in creating your very own website. Simply put all you will be required to do is play, have a little curiosity, put in a little time and effort and make sure you have the will and the desire to achieve something if you really want to leave your mark. The best way to do all that and more is to install a number of different WordPress social plugin, use them yourself and just check how they perform for and most importantly if they are suitable for you.

The websites of today are more interactive and more involved in the online activities of the individual and the business than they have ever been. Some of the increasingly lauded features of websites today include their ability to share content and information on a wide array of social media platforms today. The growth of social media which in itself is a new phenomenon has meant that there are millions of users available for you to make use of. When you share your content on social media you, it represents a great opportunity to market yourself to the masses and to find new readers.

Put is copy and pasting really what your readers would want to do? Let’s be honest here, people have become lazy, they wouldn’t want to copy the link and past it for an article, they would rather just do the sharing and the reading on one click. For that you need social media plug ins. The following is a lowdown on the top 5 social media plug ins.

Get Social with WordPress Social Plugin

This is one of the more widely used social media plug ins in the market today. Using this would add a floating side bar on the side of your website allowing you to click on the platform you want to share the article or blog on. Floating sidebars are not everyone’s cup of tea but if you like them you should definitely go for them. An added benefit of using this is you get to use Social metrics plug in with this.

Sharing Analytics and Sharing Buttons by Share This

Another power packed plug in being put to use in the market is Share This. What makes ShareThis a unique buy is that it allows you many different ways and icons to share it. Also, an added feature that you can enjoy with the ShareThis plug in is being able to check the amount of data shared from you website and the type of content shared and the location of its sharing.

The plug in easy to operate, there is no real need for any hovering side bar or Share now option. All you need to do is use frictionless sharing without having to invest in any kind of custom solution.


Another popular social media plug in is that of Socialize. The plug in is different from the rest of its counterparts which makes it part of the top 5 social media plug in for use with your Word press website. The buttons for sharing and the icons can be changed and their positions modified according to your needs and wants or the design of your website.


Sexy Bookmarks anyone? Well that is literally what the plug in was called before being known as the Shareaholic. The thing about this plug in is that you get a chance to really make the most of the sharing options. Either you want a top hate, a sexy bookmark of a classic bookmark. You get all of that plus the added feature of using analysis and recommendations.

So if you are looking to upgrade your websites, get your website being a social delight.