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The Most Important LinkedIn Tips and Habits that are Being Ignored this Year

By 08/12/2016 SEO

Do you know about the last time that you check up on your LinkedIn account? If it has been a while, then you should focus on promoting your brand through LinkedIn, since it can set you up for a long time. LinkedIn is the most popular business-friendly social network, which is why you should take advantage of some LinkedIn tips to link it to your personal brand. The case for LinkedIn is especially strong considering the fact that it is considered amongst the likes of Facebook and Twitter, when it comes to big social media platforms.

So if you really want to boost your personal brand, then you should get back to the basics of LinkedIn tips and stop ignoring the most important LinkedIn tips and habits that are being ignored in 2015.

LinkedIn Tips #1: Update your profile

LinkedIn is basically your virtual CV and you can make a massive difference by making sure that your page is updated on a regular basis. You should start by adding the list of jobs that you have had, and the overall education that you have completed. There are loads of LinkedIn profiles that have taken advantage of similar updates to enhance their personal brands.

People have to update their CV on a regular basis and this is the same case, when it comes to updating your LinkedIn profile. Updating your profile is one of the best indicators that someone is looking for new opportunities and they want to attract the attention of potential clients or employers in the best way possible. The main incentive to update your LinkedIn profile is that you will not lose any opportunities from clients or employers who are looking for particular candidates with the right skills.

LinkedIn may not provide a great way to update your profile on a regular basis, but there are lots of LinkedIn tips that allow you to stay ahead of your competition, which is by being diligent. The best LinkedIn tips will tell you to update your LinkedIn profile once every month, since it will mean that your profile remains fresh and potential employers will not miss any new skills or additions to your experience.

LinkedIn Tips #2: Get those LinkedIn recommendations whilst they are hot

A lot of people don’t get LinkedIn recommendations, which is something that they should start doing, because they are highly significant. A recommendation from the right source can definitely make your profile a lot more powerful than others, and it also allows potential employers to notice you as well. If you have got a recommendation from someone who is well respected in your organization or industry, then it will make a world of difference to your personal brand.

Getting recommendations on LinkedIn is like validation from your peers and colleagues for all the amazing things that you do every single day. If the CEO of your organization says that you have done a stellar job, then who is there to argue that you haven’t done exactly what you have been praised for doing. They can be used as a powerful tool and you should get recommendations regularly, since you can never have enough good things said about you or your skills.

You should ask for recommendations from people who you have worked with for a while, or at least those who have known just how skilled and experienced you are. You can even ask your clients for recommendations, but you have to make sure that you ask them at the right time, and not 2 years after you last worked for them.

LinkedIn Tips #3: Post your 1st LinkedIn post

A lot of people are skeptical about LinkedIn as a posting forum, and not many people share or post content on LinkedIn. However, all that is changing, since posting clever and interesting articles not only makes you interesting but it also makes you more attractive for potential clients and employers. Make sure that the quality of content that you are posting is top notch and is designed to target a specific industry, which will mean that your personal brand will grow by leaps and bounds.

Posting once every 3 or 4 weeks is enough to keep things fresh and interesting, whilst it will also allow people to have a good look at your profile every once and a while.